Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Review: BLEACH London Reincarnation Mask

Hello my lovelies,

I've been through a fair few hair colours in the last few months..
As in... A LOT.

Hair colours: From left to right- far left:Fudge Pink Dye (Very faded), top left: Crazy colours - bubblegum blue, bottom left: Crazy Colours - Lavender, top centre: Loreal Feria - Pink, centre bottom: Fudge Pink (first day), right top: Crazy Colours lavender and Crazy Colours lilac, right centre: Directions-Lilac, bottom right - Crazy Colours lavender and Crazy Colours lilac, right- Crazy Colours - Lavender

Oops... Now I for one am feeling sorry for my thirsty hair so wanted to find a good hair mask to fix my (stupidly self inflicted) issue. In the past, I have used bumble and bumble hair masks - however, the price tag is just too steep, so I thought I would head to Boots (although they do now have B&B in Boots now.. But nevertheless) to begin my search for a high street priced quencher for my damaged locks.
Now, though I am stressing that my hair is damaged, it really isnt as bad as to be expected! However, this is because I have used a number of dyes that aren't too damaging and are always semi-permanent (brands such as Directions, Crazy Colours and Fudge) so all in all my hair isn't as bad as it could be!!
My first encounter with BLEACH London Reincarnation Mask came when I used the BLEACH White toner 6 months ago and found I really liked it and wanted to give the bigger bottle a try - however, on my several trips to my local Boots store I was met with nothing but an empty shelf and bitter disappointment :'(. However! I went into a super-Boots, by that I mean this shop was MASSIVE and there it was, 200ml of hair mask-y goodness waiting for me for just £6 a bottle.

The packaging was really gorgeous. I love the designs of all of the labels of the BLEACH products, the colours and edginess to the designs are just wonderful.

The tube itself is silver and made of metal - a bit like an old tube of paint! (Which I love). However, one thing to make sure of is that the lid is always on. Any dents in the metal packaging will try to push the product out and you may end up wasting product!!

1. Shampoo hair as usual - I use silver shampoo to tone my hair.
2. Towel dry hair
3. Apply mask to all of the hair
4. Watch 'How I Met your Mother', write a blog post, read a book etc. for 20 mins (although leaving it any longer won't hurt!!)
5. Wash out mask
6. For best results do not use hairdryer! More moisture is retained. For added silkiness add some hair oil such as Argan Oil
7. Admire silky locks.


Beforehand, my hair was fairly straw like. To the touch, my ends were brittle and had the tendancy to snap. Hair looked dull and not very shiny at all.

Afterwards, my hair was so silky, noticeably fewer split ends, more fluidity to the movement of the hair. Dullness banished!

My rating: 
Price: 7/10
Product: 9/10

Lots of love,