Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Rejuvenation: Why I have been gone so long.

Hello my lovelies,
(That's something I haven't said in a while)

I have always tried to be honest in my videos and blog posts, letting you guys see and hear things about my life that I never thought I would feel comfortable posting online. However, in the last year, I haven't felt like I wanted to let you guys in.
I guess you on one hand could put it down to priorities; moving to a new place, meeting new people. My life changed, for the better, and the outlet that my blog and channel provided no longer had the same appeal. I pushed getting my degree and making new friends to the forefront of my list of priorities, and making videos and writing posts seemed to slip further and further down the agenda. However - on the other hand, it was a case of anxiety (now before you tar me with that 'blogger-anxiety brush, please listen me out). I was starting to grow as a YouTuber, being recognised in the street, people wanting pictures etc. and to be honest - that scared the living daylights out of me. Coming to university, I just wanted to blend in, make friends and come out of uni with a decent degree and a group of pals I would have for life. As my channel was growing, I started to see not only good comments, like the ones I saw when I was starting out - but I was also starting to see some really freaking negative ones, and I HATED it. It made me forget about the good things and hone in on only the bad.
A year later, I'm stronger as a person, I have closer friends than I could have ever imagined having and I feel I'm ready to start again. I will begin by giving my blog a little makeover and then once that is complete, start getting back on track with videos and finally get back into the swing of this whole bl/vlogger lark.
I've missed it so much, but I'm ready to come back, bigger and better than ever. Watch this space!

Lots of love,