Sunday, 13 October 2013

OOTD: Christmas Advert

Hello my lovelies,

So on Saturday (12th October) myself and some other Youtube/Blog girlies headed over to Shoreditch's Hoxton Bar and Grill for the Christmas advert shoot!

I was so very lucky to receive this gorgeous Gold Foil dress and some really fabulous shoes that I'd unfortunately sent back to their shoebox by the time these outfit pictures were taken! However I will leave a link to them here. Due to being 5"9 already, the extra height those babies gave me made me feel just a tad uncomfortable! (However, they are beautiful - I spied lots of shoe envy from passers by throughout the day).

The shoes I opted to wear for the rest of the day were some black canvas platforms by Office - which are just so comfy!

PS: thank you Leanne for snapping these pics!

Also may I just point out, yes - I do have a lilac quiff! Still deciding whether that's something that will be sticking about, but at the moment - it's looking like a permanent feature!

Here's a few clearer snaps of the new barnet!

Ellie, Tasha, me, Becca, Leanne and Lucy!

It was so lovely meeting you girls! And another massive thank you to Rosie @ Boohoo for making the day so brilliant!!

Lots and lots of love,