Thursday, 27 March 2014

Blog Design 101 - Introduction

Hello my lovelies!

So I know my blog design may not be anything innovative or particularly visually striking, however - that's precisely how I wanted it. When looking through multiple blog designs on the blogger database, I was dissapoimted by the extreme lack of simple but visually pleasing themes that they had to offer.

I therefore thought long and hard about solutions and remembered my days of using the popular website Piczo. Now for those that don't remember Piczo (it has unfortunately been shut down now) it was a site that was popular with teen girls for making blog pages. These pages look a little like the picture below.

They also often contained multiple glittering gifs such as :


Cringeworthy now, I know; but at the time, it was quite the done thing. now, though it's super simple now just to save an image and stick it into your blog. Back in the good ol' days it wasn't quite this simple. The average 13 year old girl in the year 2007 probably had more knowledge of how HTML works than most computer users today (or maybe not, but it felt that way!!). In order to insert gifs from other websites, you would have to use a HTML code, then- if it was the wrong size, you would have to find the part of the code that corresponded to the dimensions of the image and change them, and so on and so forth. Basically - it was just a nightmare. It was only when you got really good at these little things that your blog became worth looking at...

Therefore. I learned the tricks of the trade: downloading fonts, colour codes etc and absolutely pimped out my blog like it was nobody's business. However. When year 8 came around and we all discovered myspace - Piczo was sadly a thing of the past and all of my newly acquired skills became utterly surplus to requirement.

Then, when I began blogging again; however this time on a more sophisticated interface, I found new uses for my skills and was once again feeling very smug and skillful. уαу ƒσя נєѕѕ нєнє <3

Therefore, in a series of blog posts, I'll be sharing my tips and tricks as to how to achieve the blog you've always wanted!

Stay tuned for these posts over the next week!

Lots of love

Jess xoxo