Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Evening at Tokyo DisneySea!

Hello my lovelies,

So last night, myself and one of my very closest friends decided to hop on the train and go on a spontaneous trip to Disneyland. Now as I am 18 years old, some of you are likely to be wondering - what is wrong with you girlfran'. However, Disneyland is just one of those places where I have 10,000 memories and it just wouldn't have been right for me to jet off to England on Saturday without going there first.

We went after 6 so the entrance was a lot cheaper than the usual daytime price, ¥3,300 (£22) plus the ¥330 (£2.20) train seemed a very reasonable price seeing as there were absolutely no queues! It was insane, 5 minute waits for rides that would usually take 180mins+! The park was open until 10 so we had 4 hours of the magical world of Disney and it really was wonderful. We opted for DisneySea (there are two Disneylands in Tokyo!) as most of the rides are inside and it was a bit rainy out!

The scenery at Disneyland is always amazing, but the amount of detail you see at DisneySea is just beyond fantastic!

We found these awesome 30 Year Anniversary displays all around the park which (much like the Harry Potter studios animated displays) came to life when you touched a sensor - such fun!

Tower of Terror was... err... Terrifying?

DisneySea is aptly located by the Sea, so the big cruise liner and Fish Market setting is quite surreal as it is just so realistic. (Or I may have just been too immersed in the Disney Magic)

We went to 'Mermaid Lagoon' at about 9:40 and it was EMPTY!

These were just super cute and deserved a picture!

Lots of love

Jess xoxo