Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My Picks | Davideal

Hello my lovelies,

So if you watch my YouTube channel, you may know that I am in contact with Jenny, a really lovely marketer for a triad of websites that include: Davideal, VIPHipHop and Repcheap, three websites I bring up in my videos quite frequently. As I'm not sponsored by them - I can well and truly say whatever I like about them, however - all I feel the need to say are good things. Davideal was started very recently and as I was so impressed by the two other sites that Jenny is involved in, as soon as she sent me the link I couldn't wait to have a flick through the pages.

Now, there is one problem with Davideal that I seems to also crop up with many of the other stores that I like to frequent - there are just so many products to choose from, therefore, it's time consuming to sort through them all. Now this is an issue I've flagged up with the website's owners and I'm trying my hardest to get them to tweak it so you don't feel the same frustration I did!

So until Davideal decides to make things a little less cluttered, I have put together a selection of my favourite products which they stock on their website. Now after speaking to Jenny I have found out which stockist they use and was shocked to find out that they use the exact same stockist as, my number one favourite website. What I also found was that Davideal stocks some of the same items, at a much reduced rate. Also, I noticed on my most recent YouTube video that some of you were voicing concerns about Repcheap and VIPHipHop's lack of PayPal acceptance. Unfortunately, there is nothing they can do to change that - however, Davideal does accept PayPal (Horray!), also I must mention that their sizing for shoes runs up to a UK 6 only which is lucky for me, but unfortunate for many, also clothing may be smaller than you think due to Asian standards, so try to size up if you can! So I do believe that was quite enough background info - here are my picks.

The Neon Yellow Spiked Platform Sandals

(I probably could've given that a punchier name...)

Get them here - $20.47

These are so gorgeous and they are most definitely in my shopping basket. Reminiscent of the Jeffery Campbell Puffers whilst retaining that edge of the Underground Creeper, these sandals are a gorgeous statement summer piece. Paired with a simple black playsuit during the day or with Disco Pants at night, these are absolutely to die for! My jaw dropped when I laid eyes on them - in love!

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil T-Shirt

Buy it here - $6.05

Now, this is a piece that I'm positive I've seen on ROMWE at one time or another, though it isn't there at the moment. However what I have found from ROMWE is that most of their basic Tshirts, much like the ones on Davideal sell for around $30. I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather save $20 and do a bit of hunting around a website than pay those kind of prices for a T-Shirt.

In the wise words of Macklemore, "Fifty dollars for a T-shirt - that's just some ignorant b***h (s**t)".

A Pleated Pleather Skirt

Buy it here - $11.82

I know some people are probably pretty bored with the pleather skirt trend, but personally I love it. Such a simple way of turning the most drab ensemble into something that is really quite pleasing on the eye. This little treasure is a steal at only $12! Topshop is throwing them out at about £25~ so let's all be sensible now, this is not a timeless piece, so why pay more than we must?!

Bride of Beetlejuice Dress

Buy it here - $12.90

I am just so in love with this dress! My all time favourite movie is Tim Burton's 'Beetlejuice' and this dress just screams his name (in a feminine voice of course) I just LOVE it. So simple, yet chic. Definitely on my wishlist. This dress works for all seasons. In summer with some bare legs and some cut out boots and also in winter with some tights and a slouchy beanie - trés magnifique! Also, I must add - What a bargain!

T-Bar Trotters

Buy these here - $15.40

These are such a classic shoe that I found it impossible not to include these in my picks! They come in two simple and wearable colours (and for the price, why not both!) The T-Bar shoe is one that is girly and playful, but when accompanied by a mid height heel, they transform this playfulness into something far more sophisticated. These shoes are perfect for both daytime and evening and for such a steal of a price! SO impressed!

Anyway, thats quite enough rambling from me!

Lots of love,